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There are many benefits to outsourcing non-core functions, and in most businesses, non-core functions usually consist of basic administrative and back-office activities such as payroll. Payroll is a function that doesn’t directly influence sales, but if it isn’t carried out correctly, it could hurt your business.


When outsourcing payroll services, make sure to consider the level of certification of the provider as well as their price, service, and reputation. A payroll services provider will help your business stay current with evolving tax laws while bringing years of knowledge and expertise to your business that will help streamline your current and future financial processes.


There is a wide range of federal and provincial laws when it comes to having employees. It is best to entrust a CPA to handle payroll services to ensure all legal and financial requirements are being met on your end. CPA’s must stay up to date with legal requirements such as tax reporting and remittance.


When outsourcing payroll services to a third party your business will save money.


You’ll save costs on full-time salaries, benefits packages as well as sick days and vacation days. When outsourcing payroll services, you’re paying for the service rather than for the employee.



Payroll and payroll taxes are another arena where bookkeepers are extremely helpful, especially if you have employees who work and travel in various provinces within Canada or across the border. Outsourced bookkeepers are committed to this crucial part of your business and they ensure accuracy, efficiency and timeliness.

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